In my last year of school, my grandfather (the son of a printer and a typesetter) suggested the profession of typesetting would be an appropriate career choice for me. Three years later I had a professional qualification as a typesetter from the Bundesdruckerei (Federal Printer) in Berlin – but no prospect of being able to work in that storied profession, due to rapid development in the printing industry that nevertheless opened many new doors for me.

Over the next seven years I worked in pre-press at various printing houses and witnessed first-hand how film stripping was replaced by computer-to-plate, how FTP servers replaced taxi messengers, and how printing houses became full-service providers.

In 2001 I finally immersed myself in the other side of the business as production manager at the fledgling Gestalten Verlag in Berlin.

During the following 12 years I set up and ran Gestalten's production department, which now has several employees, and managed the production of more than 80 books both in Germany and internationally. Managing these projects gave me a great deal of valuable experience of dealing with international service providers and I challenged the printers and bookbinders with whom I worked to do their very best work and to push technical boundaries while maintaining exacting quality standards.

Since 2013 I have been a freelance production manager, working wonders in my business, Red Cape Production.

Now I'm ready to put my experience and skills at your disposal - starting with the choice of paper and progressing all the way to the finished product. I'm here to work wonders for you!